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Australian Clay Masks: Get down to Earth with two new beautiful products

Updated: Dec 21, 2021


Long before I even started in earnest developing my recipes I had already decided upon the brand name for my skincare products.

'Tree & Earth Creams' represents the direct relationship between the raw ingredients and the products I was dreaming of making - slow skincare from ‘tree to treat’ - pure, clean and natural, handcrafted with love and devotion. Nothing else. We are not separate from the natural world but part of it - our ecology merges seamlessly into the global ecology and we constantly exchange information with the natural environment.

It is my hope that my brand name represents this interconnectedness and at the same time honours the concept of transparent, wholesome, pure, clean, natural and honest skin care. It has long been my intention to incorporate an ‘Earth element’ into my skin care range and I have been working quietly behind the scenes on a couple of new beautiful ‘Earth’ products for the best part of one year now. Just as the interconnectedness of Nature never cease to amaze me I am so pleased that my new products, although very different in appearance and texture, complement my other products so well. They are in essence very grounding, cleansing, nurturing and therefore represents the Earth element beautifully.

And what better time to launch them than in Spring where the Earth is woken from its long winter slumber and springing back to life. ....I’m extremely pleased and delighted to introduce my two brand new products:

Purifying Australian Green Clay Mask with pure herbal extracts of Ginkgo & Aloe vera

‘Purifying Australian Green Clay Mask, Ginkgo & Aloe vera 120ml'. This is a deeply purifying, balancing and nourishing face mask made with a unique blend of super fine Australian Olive green clay, Activated charcoal, Oat meal and potent herbal extracts of Gingko Biloba, Aloe vera, Green Tea, and White Willow Bark. Australian Olive Green Clay is one of the strongest clays for cleansing and detoxification and is especially beneficial for acne-prone and oily skin as the minerals in the clay help to balance the skin’s natural sebum production and draw out impurities and toxins. Activated charcoal has got a strong purifying effect, drawing out bacteria, toxins and dirt from the pores. Pure extracts of Ginkgo biloba and Green Tea are powerful antioxidants promoting healthy skin structure and encouraging cellular regeneration.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties of both Green Tea and White Willow Bark help to calm and soothe irritated and congested skin. The natural content of salicylic acid in White Willow Bark serves as a peeling agent helping to remove old and dead skin cells making way for new and fresh skin cells while Aloe vera is healing and hydrating. Finely ground Oat meal adds gentle exfoliating benefits to the blend, helping to remove dead skin cells, calm inflammation and stimulate circulation. ‘Purifying Australian Green Clay Mask’ is especially recommended for congested and oily skin types but is also very beneficial to normal skin types needing a boost and deep cleanse with the added benefit of a natural gentle peeling effect. This is quite a potent mask and I recommend to use it max. 1-2 times a week.


Rejuvenating Australian Pink Clay Mask with pure herbal extracts of Hibiscus flower and Rosehip

This gentle, nurturing and wonderfully rejuvenating face mask is recommended for dry, normal & mature skin. The carefully formulated blend of fine clays and potent herbal powders helps to improve the over-all texture of the skin, leaving the skin looking and feeling soft, nourished, radiant and rejuvenated.

The lovely ingredients are:

Australian superfine pink clay and soft kaolin clay are mild and delicate clays especially beneficial for dry, mature and sensitive skin types, helping to gently cleanse, tone and strengthen the skin.

Pure extracts of Hibiscus flower and Vitamin C rich Rosehip are powerful anti-oxidants helping to improve and maintain skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production and protect the skin from environmental damage. Calendula extract along with Aloe Vera helps to boost hydration and are wonderfully soothing, healing and nurturing for the skin.

The balancing and rejuvenating properties of Siberian Ginseng helps to balance oil production and improve the over-all texture of the skin.


Australian Pink Clay Mask is a rejuvenating face mask that gently cleanses, tones and strengthens the skin.

How to use Australian Clay Mask:

The ritual of making and applying clay face masks is beautifully simple and provides a great opportunity for a bit of indulging (and probably long overdue) me-time. Allow yourself 10-15 mins to fully relax, focus on your well-being and pamper yourself with these all natural and revitalising face masks.


1: Using non-metal utensils mix 1 heaped tsp of clay with 1 - 1½ tsp of clean water in a glass, ceramic, wooden or plastic bowl.

2: Slowly add the water, being careful not to add too much at the time.

The mixture should resemble a thick smoothie-like paste. If the mixture is too liquid and runny then add a bit more clay.

You can store leftovers in the fridge.

3: Apply the mask to your face and neck (avoiding the delicate eye area) using a make-up brush or just your fingers if you prefer. Now relax for 5-10 mins and let the mask do its job.

Have a cup of tea, meditate, breathe, think positive thoughts about yourself (but don’t fall asleep!)

4: Rinse off with warm water before the mask dries completely. Gently massage your skin in slow circular motions as you rinse it off to achieve exfoliating effect. Gently pad your face dry with soft cotton cloth.

5: Finish off by applying your favourite moisturiser or facial oil.

TIP:  To avoid the mask drying too fast or if your skin is in need of extra hydration add a few drops of oil to the mixture (for example almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil or olive oil).

To make a luxurious face mask mix with organic rose water or other pure flower water instead of water.


Clay masks have been used for millennia by peoples on Earth and different clays have got different properties and applications but all clays are cleansing to the skin and grounding to the soul.

These two unique formulations I have developed using a blend of super fine and soft Australian clays and potent herbal extracts and powders designed to cleanse, nurture, balance and rejuvenate the skin. They are simple, safe and fun to use and the pure and natural ingredients give great results. I sincerely hope that you will love using these clay masks as much as I do making them. Much Love


Clay masks have been used for millennia by peoples on Earth and different clays have got different properties and applications but all clays are cleansing to the skin and grounding to the soul.


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